Antique Galvanized Metal Sheet Products

Our Main products are Antique Galvanized metal sheet products like buckets, planters, storage boxes, trunks, trays, baskets, bottle racks, party and entertaining tubs, caddys, cake stands, 3 tier server, ice buckets, stackable bins.

Outdoor Garden Products

We makes watering cans, wall planters, floor planters, railing planters, rectangle planters, round hanging pot planters, watering cans, pitchers, bird bath, bird house, oil lamps, garden tools etc.

Houseware Products

Metal Trash cans, stack bins, trunk boxes, tea coffee sugar boxes, spice rack, bowls, tumblers, butter dish, Moscow mule mug, Enamel mug etc.

Home Decorative

We are also specialized in making candle lanterns, candle holders, votive holders, Halloween, Pendant and Moroccan lanterns, Kerosene Lanterns etc.

We offers custom designs and development for our buyers. From Metal sheets to Iron casting, wooden, Aluminum, Copper, Brass in every metal we have very good command. We loves to make custom design products.

Please go through with our catalogue page to explore our product range with latest collection.

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